Commissioning does not equal start-up.

Commissioning a building is a critically important step in ensuring a building is operating the way it was designed.  Commissioning should take a holistic approach reviewing how systems work together as opposed to running manufacturers’ start-up programs on individual systems. Today’s building owners demand management of complex building systems and having a consulting engineering and commissioning firm that understands these systems is crucial to successful commencement of building operations and energy management systems.

Our proactive approach ensures that, in addition to the efforts performed by the onsite superintendents, effective QA/QC measures are implemented. We see ourselves as the owner’s eyes and ears, your representative onsite overseeing the successful implementation of systems, continually looking out for your best interests whether it be adherence to established standards, maintenance accessibility, or just pet peeves identified in one of our early goals meetings.

CMTA currently has 21 Certified Commissioning Agents and Certified Commissioning Technicians (Certified by the AABC Commissioning Group) and a Certified Commissioning Professional (Certified by the Building Commissioning Association).