The established leader in Net Zero Energy engineering and sustainable design

CMTA is the nation’s leader in designing Net Zero Energy (NZE) projects.  A NZE project annually generates all energy consumed with an on-site renewable energy source, typically solar.  To date, CMTA has designed NZE projects in six states:  Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.  Nine are now operational.  New Buildings Institute’s 2014 Report, Getting to Zero, documents that the second and third largest NZE projects in the U.S. were designed by CMTA.  Click here to see CMTA’s NZE projects that are operational or under construction.

CMTA’s philosophy regarding Net Zero Energy is simple:  “Strive for drastic energy reduction then discuss renewable energy generation.”  We encourage a holistic approach with the design team, owner and occupants to create buy-in from all stakeholders.  We have developed detailed financial models that show Net Zero Energy can be accomplished within the established budget of many projects.

Our latest NZE project is the first in our nation’s capitol.  Discovery Elementary School, designed for Arlington Public Schools, will use a 496 kW solar photovoltaic system to make their new 100,000 square foot elementary school Net Zero Energy.

Locust Trace AgriScience Campus’ Net Zero Energy academic building won ASHRAE’s prestigious technology award in 2014 and was a 2013 National Green Ribbon School.  Locust Trace was just featured in High Performing Building’s 2015 Winter issue.  Click here to read the article.

Cincinnati’s Net Zero Energy District Three Police Station received an ASHRAE Technology Award in 2017.  It was featured in High Performing Building’s 2017 Winter issue.  Click here to read the article.

For more information about the effectiveness of sustainable design, check out this video.