Highly efficient health care facilities that cut operating costs and enhance patient comfort

Cost pressures in health care have steadily increased in recent years, and the pressure is likely to continue, making the minimization of operating costs a key objective for nearly every health care organization.

Given the significant cost of operating facilities, reducing energy consumption offers outstanding opportunities for savings, and the engineers of CMTA Consulting Engineers have repeatedly demonstrated success in achieving reductions in sustainable hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities.

Our LEED® Accredited Professionals understand the critical balance between cost control and patient comfort, as well as the expectations of medical professionals, patients, and administrators. Through sustainable strategies such geothermal HVAC systems, energy efficient lighting, occupancy controls and daylight harvesting, they have created facilities that serve patient needs with substantial reductions in energy costs and support a facility’s mission of caring for the community by reducing the carbon footprint.

CMTA works in health care facilities across the United States and Canada.  Click here for a list of recent health care projects.